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Adventure and Multietnic Trip

We offer specialist alliances on adventure and multiethnic tourism, which have appropriate staff with large experience handling school and enterprise groups and in general for all who love this kind of tourism. They display all their knowledge for our visitors live and enjoy an unforgettable and unique experience.



The touristic attractions offered by our alliances are:
The fishing journeys Stays overnight in the jungle or in a indian maloca sharing the daily life with the native people, getting their millenary traditions and cosmogony. Climb or canopy on trees with more than 30 mts high. Kayak throughout the flooded jungle or the lakes.


Natural Monkeys

It was created in the 70`s as a touristic attraction by the American Maik Tsalicks (he was descendant of a greek family). On this natural reserve of the Saimiris or Titis monkeys, the visitor can observe hundreds of them in its natural environment and feed them personally. It is a great euphoria to see the monkeys jumping in all the directions. Other activities you can do here are walks, sport fish and native kayac; always accompanied by a tourist guide and a native expert.

Puerto Narino
Colombian Natural Manager

department. It is located to 86 Km from Leticia, capital city. It is a quiet place characterized by its small and pedestrian streets where you can use the bike; its houses have colorful gardens; its people are kind and its food is unique. The river Loreto Yacu, which flows into the River Amazonas, passes in front of this town. Here, you will find the Lakes Tarapoto, natural aquarium of the pink (Inia geofrencis) and the grey dolphins (Sotalia Fluviatilis). Throughout this trip, you can visit the indian community of the Freedom ( Yaguas ) and Macedonia (Ticunas) where it is possible to have an approach to their costumes, rituals and beautiful handcrafts.


Benjamin Constan
3 Borders

Sailing from Leticia through the river Amazonas, it is possible to observe the pink and gray dolphins if it is the right epoch of the year. You arrive to the town Islandia, Peru, that is located on the right edge of the river Yavari. Islandia is a very odd place considering that all of its houses are built to three or four meters high; Its streets are very narrow. Next, it is Benjamin Constan (Brazil) where you can visit one of the most complete Ticuna museums, and finally you can enjoy a typical Brazilian lunch in a quiet and nice place. If you wish, It is possible to stay here according to a previous plan.

Marasha Reserve

20 minutes far from Leticia, we find Marasha, an under jungle natural reserve. Into the lake Marasha it is allowed to travel by canoe in order to see the fauna, the flora and diverse birds of the region, as well as Amazonic Victoria Regian, the biggest lotto flower in the world. In low waters the walk throughout the jungle takes 1.15 hour in which you can observe insects, monkeys, birds, wood and medicinal trees. Just arriving the reserve hotel you will enjoy a delicious and typical Peruvian lunch and finally you can rest in.


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