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The hotel`s name is inspired by the Ticuana`s word “ Utuane” that means a rest place. All of our malocas are bioclimatic, built 95% in wood. Their infrastructure keeps all the native culture related to the Amazon region. The decoration with local art touches identifies each one with a native Amazonian animal, highlighting the colors that give beauty to the nature.

Our principal purpose is to offer our guests the most rest and comfort after a day full of adventures in the Amazonas.

The Hotel Utuane promotes responsibly the ecological, multiethnic and adventure tourism whose priority is the respect to the nature, the environment and cultural awareness because of that the conditioned air is avoided in order to minimize the energy consumption.

Our service includes: 24 hour reception, WiFi in common areas, restaurant, bar, touristic information and guide, laundry service, open air swimming pool, television area.


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