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Standar Malocas

We have 4 Malocas for up to 2 people with extra bed option.
All of them have private bathroom and shower, Led T.V, ceiling and ground fan, security box and minibar

This kind of hut is a community and ancestral house used by the amazon Indians. It represents the universe. At the night the maloca is a knowledge center where the older people stories, their advises, myths legends and instructions for the river of the life are transmitted. The maloca has a special place called the “mambeadero” that means the place for the word.

The Standar Malocas are for double accommodation with optional extra bed . They´re very cozy and romantic.

Our service includes:
24 hour reception, WiFi in common areas, restaurant, bar, touristic information and guide, laundry service, open air swimming pool, television area.

Additional services:
Laundry - Minibar - phone calls - restaurant

Firts floor
  • Double bed with mosquito net
  • Two night tables with lamps
  • Plasma T.V 37”
  • Organizer furniture
  • Minibar fitted
  • Wardrobe
  • Bathroom and shower
  • Fan

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