Reception in the airport of Leticia
Transport to the Hotel Utuane
Drink of welcome
Welcome lunch in the hotel
City tours by Tabatinga, Brasil and Leticia
Return to the hotel
Dinner in the hotel
Night walk by the reserve jungle in Tanimbocaa

Breakfast in the hotel
Tour by the Natural Reserve Tanimboca
Lunch at Natural Reserve Tanimboca
Return to the hotel about 3 or 4 p.m


Canopy: Observation of the flora and fauna from the top of the trees moving from a tree to another. Walk by the jungle. Typical lunch Kayac (depending on the level of the waters) At 7.00 p.m trip to the kilometer 11. Night walk about 1 hour Return to the hotel

Breakfast in the hotel
Trip by the river Amazonas
Lunch in Puerto Narino
Return to the hotel about 4.30 to 5.00 p.m
Dinner at the hotel


Full day trip that includes visits to the natural reserve Victoria Regia , to the native community of Macedonia, monkey island reserve ,town of Puerto narino and lakes Tarapoto . It includes transportation, lunch, hydration and all tickets for parks and reserves.

Breakfast in the hotel
Rest time in the hotel
Swimming pool
Check out
Transfer hotel/ airport